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Servicing Murrumbidgee


Service description

  • Enhanced Adult Community Living Support Service (EACLSS): provides psychosocial support in partnership with clinical supports delivered by the Local Health District to people with severe mental illness to maximise their participation in the community. The program provides flexible, individualised hours of support in response to a consumer’s changing needs over time. EACLSS is an outreach service, which means the service is able to work with a consumer in their own home or in the community. As part of the program the provider works with each consumer to identify areas in their life where they would like to make positive change. They then provide support to develop strategies and access resources to achieve identified goals. This process is driven by the consumer and, where appropriate, also developed in partnership with the consumer’s family and other services the consumer might be accessing. While each person’s goals are independently developed many consumers choose to focus on areas such as: managing their mental health and wellbeing, living independently in the community, managing everyday tasks and improving living skills, participating in community life, improving resilience and social connections, accessing employment, education or training and sustaining accommodation. Wellways provide the EACLSS program across the Murrumbidgee region
  • Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) provides psychosocial support to people with severe mental illness living in the Murrumbidgee region. HASI is an outreach service and can support people in their own homes and community. HASI provides a wide range of activities that build independence in daily life, contributes to recovery and includes : care planning and management, assistance with daily living skills, support to maintain tenancies, develop relationships and promote access to local mainstream health services, social support and welfare services, identify community, social and recreational opportunities, facilitate access to educational, vocational and employment opportunities. Wellways provides the HASI program in Griffith, Deniliquin, Wagga and surrounding communities.
  • The Way Back Support Service: The Way Back Support Service provides non-clinical care and practical support to individuals who have attempted suicide or who are experiencing a suicidal crisis, for a period of up to three months. The support is designed to assist the person to stay safe and connect with existing health and community services during a period of high risk and vulnerability.
  • Supporting Recovery Murrumbidgee: this program is designed to provide support to people aged 16 years or over with a diagnosed mental illness. This includes individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, personality disorders, severe depression and severe anxiety occurring in the context of high levels of impairment and/or risk.  The program promotes access to mainstream community based services that will meet the individual goals of the participant. The program is based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, recovery and social inclusion. It provides participants with access to resources that will assist them in their recovery journey. The intent is to support people with a mental illness to participate in community life, reach their full potential and improve their quality of life.
  • Wellways NDIS services for carers: Wellways providea a variety of individually funded and tailored supports to people with disability under schemes such as the NDIS, iCare and private arrangements. Supports we provide include but are not limited to support coordination, attendant care, assistance to access the community, and skill development in community access.
  • Well Connected Program:  is a psychosocial support program for people who experience severe mental illness. The program is for those people who need support, who are not eligible for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding. Well Connected promotes the importance of connection, wellbeing and inclusion while providing practical support to participants. The program seeks to provide short term support to participants to manage day to day needs such as improving relationships with family and others, maintaining physical wellbeing, daily living needs, educational and training goals, building broader life skills including confidence and resilience. Well Connected in funded by the Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network.
  • NDIS: Wellways provides support under the NDIS in the Murrumbidgee region. Wellways provides support co-ordination and support connection including : assistance with day to day activities, transport to and from appointments, activities and meetings, connecting and participating in the community, travel training, learning new skills, assistance with personal care


  • EACLSS:  Be living in the Murrumbidgee region,16 years or older, have or be at risk of developing a severe mental illness, agree to participate in the program
  • HASI Be living in the Murrumbidgee region, are 16 years or older, be clinically assessed as having a severe mental illness with high levels of psycho- social impairment or be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and be experiencing social and emotional wellbeing problems, are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, have co-occurring issues with drug and alcohol use, have high level complex and challenging needs
  • The Way Back Support Service: Those living in the Murrumbidgee area and who have made a suicide attempt. Some exclusions apply: if it is deemed that a short-term service will not be beneficial to the client. Eligibility for the program will be determined by the team leader of The Way Back Program
  • Supporting Recovery Murrumbidgee: Be living in the Murrumbidgee regionaged 16 years and over, have a moderate to severe mental illness, experience functional impairment because of their mental illness, be willing to participate voluntarily in the program, not currently receiving support from HASI, CLS or NDIS
  • Well Connected Program: individuals with a severe mental illness not eligible for services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and are not receiving psycho-social services through Partners in Recovery ( PIR), Day to Day Living ( D2DL) or Personal Helpers and Mentors ( PhaMS)

How do I organise an appointment or referral?

  • Referrals to the HASI, CLS , Supporting Recovery and Well Connected programs can be made using the Murrumbidgee Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol common referral form. Once complete, email referral forms and supporting documentation to:
  • Referrals to The Way Back program can be made by the MLHD using The Way Back referral form. Once completed, please email to

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