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Umaxed Consultancy

Servicing Wagga Wagga and telehealth nationwide

Psychological treatment.


Opening times

9.00am – 3.00pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday.

Service description

Psychological assessment and treatment of mental disorders provided face to face and/or via Telehealth. Area of interest includes treatment of Adults (19-59 years) and Senior Adults (60 years and above) with:

  • Anxiety Disorders – Complex Trauma & PTSD, OCD, Panic and Phobia
  • Mood Disorders – MDD, Dysthymic, Bipolar, Cyclothymic
  • Personality Disorders Cluster B & C – Borderline, OCPD, Avoidant & Dependant

Therapeutic treatment models include:

  • DBT, CBT – Trauma, MBCT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, Interpersonal therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Hypnotherapy


Any Adult (19-59 years) and Senior Adult (60 years and above) who needs and wants to engage in psychological treatment for their mental wellbeing.


Costs may apply

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