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Calvary Riverina Drug and Alcohol Centre

Servicing Murrumbidgee

Providing inpatient and outpatient treatment options for people seeking treatment for problems with alcohol and drugs and their families.

Services provided

  • Residential and outpatient withdrawal
  • Inpatient and outpatient counselling and group work
  • Women’s wellness and recovery program
  • Counselling for families and people caring for someone they love who is experiencing problems with alcohol and or drug use
  • Youth Drug and Alcohol counselling through Headspace Wagga
  • Adult outpatient counselling at Stride Wagga
  • MERIT worker at Wagga Community Mental Health Drug and Alcohol services.


Residential treatments receive referrals Australia wide. Non-residential treatments are best suited to persons from local community. Women’s Program has staff located in Wagga and Griffith and out reaches from these locations to smaller surrounding communities.

Service description

Calvary Drug and Alcohol services provides a range of services for people experiencing problems with drug and or alcohol use.


Eligibility for programs is assessed during the initial intake and assessment phase. All people seeking treatment undertake a comprehensive psychosocial assessment to determine if our services are able to meet the person’s treatment needs.  The assessment can be done in person or by telephone. People wishing to have an assessment must be:

  • 18 years or over
  • Have stable physical and mental health


  • Residential  treatments $41.00 per day
  • Outpatient group programs $16.00 per day
  • Outpatient counselling no cost

How do I organise an appointment or referral

People can self-refer into treatment or be referred into treatment by other professionals or by family and friends.

More info

Our services available to any person 18 years or over who are wanting help to overcome problematic drug and or alcohol use.

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